1. Open the installation email and click on the Install Servant Keeper 7 link.

  2. When you are asked to Run or Save the file, click Run.

  3. The Setup Wizard will begin to run. The first window you will see is “Welcome to  the Servant Keeper 7 Setup Wizard”. (See Figure 1) Click the [Next] button to continue the setup process.

  4. The next window in the database installation process is the License Agreement.  (See Figure 2) Please read the agreement so that you understand the licensing of the program before continuing with the installation of the database. If you agree with the license agreement, click the “I accept the agreement” radio button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the database installation or click the [Cancel] button to stop the installation process.

  5. You will now see the Install Type window. (See Figure 3) Since we are installing  just the Servant Keeper 7 Database, not the entire program, select the Database Only Install option.

  6. Next, you will see the New User Information window with the default User ID and  Password for the new database. (See Figure 4) You will need this information to log in to the program for the first time. If you would like, you can print this information by clicking the [Print] button. Click the [Next] button to continue.

  7. The next screen, User Security Information, would only apply to customers  upgrading from an older version of Servant Keeper. Since this is a new database, simply click the [Next] button to continue. (See Figure 5)

  8. The next window is where you will select the location for the Servant Keeper  Database. (See Figure 6) The default location for the database installation is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Servant Keeper Database. If you would like to install the database to a different location on your server or main PC, click the [Browse] button and browse to the location to which you would like to install the database. If you are not sure where to install the database, please contact your Network Administrator. Click the [Next] button to continue with the database installation.

    NOTE: If you are not sure where to install your Servant Keeper Database, it is HIGHLY recommended  
    to contact your Network Administrator for further assistance. Although the Help Desk is well versed in the network installation of SK, they are not familiar with your network setup and can only suggest a location to install your Servant Keeper Database.

  9. The next window is the Ready to Install window. (See Figure 7) This window  reviews all of the options that have been selected thus far. If all looks good, click the [Install] button to begin the Database installation. If you need to make any changes in the displayed settings, click the [Back] button.

  10. You will now see a window telling you that the Servant Keeper 7 Database has  been installed. Click [OK] to complete the setup. You are now ready to share your Servant Keeper 7 Database to your network users.