Please note: Before beginning the update, it is important to make sure all modules of Servant Keeper are closed.

  1. Open an Internet browser.

  2. In the address bar, type: (See Figure 1)

  3. Click the "Support Log In" menu option in the top right-hand corner. (See Figure 1) This will open the Support Center. Enter your City and Customer ID number, then click the [Login] button to continue. (See Figure 2)

    NOTE: If you do not know your Customer ID, please call 570-748-2800, option 2 for assistance.

  4. You will now see all of the options in the Support Center. Click the [Product Updates] button. (See Figure 3)

  5. You will see the list of Servant Keeper 7 Updates that are currently available. (See Figure 4) To update your Servant Keeper 7 to the latest release available, click the "Servant Keeper 7 Update 7.x.xx" link. (Where the x's will be replaced with the latest version number.)

  6. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a message at the bottom on your screen with a [Run] and [Save] button. (See Figure 5) Click the [Run] button to continue.

    NOTE: If you are using a different internet browser, this window will be different. For Firefox, you will see a window where your only option is to save the file to your Downloads folder. If you are using Chrome, you will see a window at the bottom of your screen where the file is being downloaded. If you are unsure of how to open your downloaded file, please contact your IT Administrator.

  7. Once the file is downloaded, you will see an "Update" window appear asking if you would like to continue. Click the [Yes] button to continue. (See Figure 6)

  8. The "Welcome to the Update Wizard" window will be displayed. (See Figure 7) Click the [Next] button to continue with the update.

  9. Next, you will see the "Update Information" window with the Servant Keeper 7 Release Notes. (See Figure 8) Release notes are informing you of the changes made in the new update. Feel free to read through and/or print the release notes. Click the [Next] button to continue with the update.

  10. The "License Agreement" window will be displayed with the Servant Keeper 7 License Agreement. (See Figure 9) If you accept the license agreement, click the "I accept the agreement" radio button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the update.

  11. Now you will see the "Ready to Update" window displaying the destination location of the Servant Keeper 7 update. (See Figure 10) Click the [Update] button to continue with the update process.

  12. You will see the "Updating" window with a progress bar displayed. (See Figure 11) After the files have been extracted and installed, the window will automatically advance to the next step.

  13. The final window, "Completing the Update Wizard" will appear. (See Figure 12) Click the [Finish] button to complete the update process.