Please note: This help sheet will guide you through the upgrade from Servant Keeper 6 to the Local database version of Servant Keeper 7.

  1. Open the email with the link for upgrading to Servant Keeper 7. Click on the link  and select Run--this will begin the upgrade process.

    NOTE: If you are running Version 6 on a server on main PC (network), you will need to do the upgrade to Version 7 on the server on main PC.

  2. The first window you will see is “Welcome to the Servant Keeper 7 Setup Wizard”.  (See Figure 1) Click the [Next] button to begin the setup process.

  3. The next window in the installation process is the License Agreement. (See Figure  2) Please read the agreement so that you understand the licensing of the program before continuing with the upgrade. If you agree with the license agreement, click the “I accept the agreement” radio button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the program installation or click the [Cancel] button to stop the installation process and close the Setup Wizard window.

  4. You will now see the Install Type window. (See Figure 3) There are 3 different  Servant Keeper 7 program installation types and 1 Servant Keeper 7 database installation option. This help sheet is for the Upgrade installation type: “Upgrade to Servant Keeper 7”. This option will install the Servant Keeper 7 program into a Servant Keeper 7 folder in C:\Program Files (or Program Files(x86)), install the Servant Keeper 7 database in the Public My Documents folder and upgrade your Servant Keeper 6 data to Version 7. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade. If you would  like to cancel the installation and upgrade, click the [Cancel] button.

  5. The next window is Customer Information. (See Figure 4) Enter your Servant  Keeper Customer ID number. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade. If you would like to cancel the installation and upgrade, click the [Cancel] button.

  6. Next, you will see the New User Information window with the default User ID and  Password for a new installation of Servant Keeper. (See Figure 5) Since you are upgrading your SK6 information to SK7, you may disregard this message. Click [Next] to continue.

    NOTE: Upon the completion of your upgrade, you will be able to log in to Servant Keeper 7  
    using the same User IDs and Passwords used in Servant Keeper 6.

  7. The next screen, User Security Information, contains some very important information  about your User Security and System Preference settings in Servant Keeper 7. (See Figure 6) Be sure to read through the information before clicking [Next] to continue.

  8. The next window is telling you where the Servant Keeper 7 program is getting  installed. The Help Desk recommends keeping the default installation path as this makes getting updates to the program much easier. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation. If you would like to cancel the installation and upgrade, click the [Cancel] button. (See Figure 7)

    NOTE: You will notice that the Servant Keeper 7 program is getting installed into the Program  
    Files (or Program Files(x86)) folder, this is a deviation of where Servant Keeper 6 was installed. Version 7 should be installed to the default location which is in the Program Files or Program Files(x86) folder. The Help Desk recommends installing Version 7 in the default location to aid in the ease of getting  version updates.

  9. The next window is asking you where your Servant Keeper 6 software is installed.  Click the [Browse] button to browse your computer for your Servant Keeper 6 installation folder. Once you have located it, highlight it and click the [Open] button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade. If you would like to cancel the installation and upgrade, click the [Cancel] button. (See Figure 8)

    NOTE: If you are unsure of where your Servant Keeper 6 program is installed, you can check  this path by logging in to any module of SK6, choosing the Help drop-down menu at the top of the screen, and selecting Servant Keeper Help Desk. In the window that opens, look at the “Program Path”--this is where your SK6 program is installed. Be sure to close SK6 completely before returning to the SK7 install wizard.

    IMPORTANT: If you are using Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10, Servant Keeper 6 must NOT be installed  in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) directory. To keep your data safe, data in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) directory will not upgrade to Servant Keeper 7. If you find your program is installed in this location, please call the Servant Keeper Help Desk for instructions on moving your SK6 program to the correct location prior to upgrading.

  10. The next window is telling you where the Servant Keeper 7 database is getting  installed. The Help Desk recommends keeping this default location as it will aid in assisting with the program. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade. (See Figure 9)

    NOTE: Remember, in SK7, the database does NOT get installed in the same location as the  
    program. By default, the database is installed in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Servant Keeper Database. The Help Desk recommends keeping this default location. If you install the database in a different location, it is best to write that location down for your records.

  11. You will now see the Ready to Install window. (See Figure 10) This step will  install the Version 7 program on your computer. Click the [Install] button to begin the installation or click the [Back] button to review or make changes to any settings. If you would like to cancel the installation, click the [Cancel] button.

  12. You will see a green progress bar as the program is installed. When the progress  bar goes the entire way across, you will see a “Finishing installation...” message. (See Figure 11) While the “Finishing Installation” prompt is displayed, your Servant Keeper 6 information is being converted to Servant Keeper 7. Do not close this window! When the conversion is complete, you will automatically be taken to the next step.

    NOTE: Depending on the size of your Servant Keeper 6 database, the database conversion  could take anywhere from several minutes to several hours. DO NOT close the “Finishing Installation” window! The installer will automatically advance to the next step when the conversion is complete.

  13. When the database is finished converting, you see the “Conversion Completed”  window. (See Figure 12) Click [OK] to continue.

  14. You will now see a window telling you how many days are remaining on the SK7  demo, asking if you would like to register. If you have your registration information, click the [Yes] button--this will allow you to activate your program. If you do not have registration information at this time, click the [No] button and the Membership Manager will display the log on screen. You may now log into Membership Manager using the User ID and Password you used in Version 6You are now ready to use your Servant Keeper 7 program! On the Main List, choose a group in the Select Group drop-down to see your data displayed.

    NOTE: It is recommended to remove the Servant Keeper 6 program shortcuts from your computer(
    s) so users do not accidentally use the SK6 program. Any changes made in SK6 after your  
    conversion will not migrate to SK7.