1. When you open and log in to the Mobile Ministry app, you will see the following  options: Search Individuals, Search Families, Add Individual, Recently Viewed Individuals, and Dates and Important Events. (See Figure 1) Keep in mind that all information is being pulled from your Servant Keeper 7 cloud database.

  2. Let’s begin by addressing each option in order.

    • Search Individuals: Search for people using first and/or last name. You can  also search based on initials (e.g. type “J D” when searching John Doe) or type a few letters to do a more general search (e.g. type “Joh” to bring up John Doe or Bill Johnson). Search results are presented individually--click on the individual’s name to be taken to the individual’s profile.

    • Search Families: Search for families using last name and/or first name of  either the Head of Household or Spouse (e.g. type “Doe” when searching for “Doe, John & Mary). Search results are presented by families--click on the family’s name to be taken to a list of individuals in that family.

    • Add Individual: Choose to add a new family or to add an individual to an  existing family. You have the option of entering title, gender, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, member status, relationship, home phone, mobile phone, work phone, email, and email 2. (At minimum, you need to enter a first name, last name, and relationship for each new individual. All other fields are optional.) You also have the option to add a photo of the individual by taking the photo from your device’s camera or selecting a photo from your device’s photo gallery.

    • Recently Viewed Individuals: Browse through a list of all individuals whose  profiles have recently been accessed. Use this option to find recently added individuals or profiles that have been recently opened or edited.

    • Dates and Important Events: Find individuals with upcoming dates and  important events by searching on a date range and selected date option. Date range options include: today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, next week, and last week. Date selected options include: Birth Date, Wedding Date, Baptized Date, Confirmed Date, Date Joined, Scheduled Appointments, Important Events, and Extra (User Defined) Dates. Choose one Date Range option and one Date Selected option to search.

  1. Clicking on an individual’s name from any of the above options opens the individual’s  profile. (See Figure 2)

  2. From the profile screen, you have many options. Let’s go over each option (A  through I) from Figure 2 (shown above).

    1. Click the pencil icon to edit the information found on the individual’s profile.  All fields within the profile can be edited. You have the option of editing title, gender, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, member status, relationship, home phone, mobile phone, work phone, email, and email 2. You also have the option to update the photo of the individual by taking the photo from your device’s camera or selecting a photo from your device’s photo gallery.

    2. On this section of the profile, you will see the individual’s name, address information,  and photo (if present). Towards the bottom of the profile, you will see important dates the individual has in his or her profile including Birth Date, Wedding Date, Baptized Date, Confirmed Date, Date Joined, and Extra (User Defined) Dates. You will also see any public notes that have been entered. Private notes you have entered or have been shared with you will also be visible. (See section G. for more information about private notes.)

    3. Click the envelope icon to send the individual an email or text message.  Choose either the home, mobile, or work phone numbers to send a text message to. When emailing, choose to send to the primary or secondary email address.

      NOTE: When sending text messages, standard text messaging rates may apply based on the  
      subscriber’s plan with their mobile phone carrier.

    4. Click the phone receiver icon to call the individual. Choose to call either the  home, mobile, or work phone number.

    5. Click the share icon to email the individual’s contact information (including  name, address, home phone, mobile phone, work phone, email, and email 2 fields) to an email address. Choose to send to an email address from your device’s contact list or type in the email address you would like to send to.

    6. Click the calendar icon to schedule an appointment (or meeting) with the selected  individual. Enter a date and time for your meeting along with a location and/or description. This appointment will be saved to your device’s calendar. Depending on your device, you can also set an alert (or reminder) to have your calendar notify you about any upcoming events.

    7. Click the notepad icon to enter a public or private note. Public notes will be  visible to anyone who has access to the individual’s profile. Private notes will be visible only to you.

    8. Click the map dot icon to view a map to the individual’s address. Map features  will vary depending on your device.

    9. Click the family icon to go to a list of the select individual’s family members.  All individuals within the person’s family profile will be listed. Click any one of the family members to go to their individual profile.