Please Note: Mobile apps for Servant Keeper are only available to those with Servant Keeper Cloud (Hosted) data.

  1. On your mobile device, find and touch the “Play Store” app. (See Figure 1)

  2. In the Search area, enter servantpc. The Greet and Attend app will be displayed.  (See Figure 2) Touch the Greet and Attend icon to begin the installation.

  3. Touch the [Install] button to begin installing the Greet and Attend app.  (See Figure 3)

  4. A window will be displayed asking for permission to access your Photos/Media/ Files. Touch the [Accept] button to continue. (See Figure 4)

  5. Once the installation is complete, touch the [Open] button to open the Greet and  Attend app. (See Figure 5)

  6. The Greet & Attend for Servant Keeper window will be displayed. Touch [Sign In]  to continue. (See Figure 6)

  7. Next, the account login window will be displayed. (See Figure 7) Enter your Servant  Keeper 7 Cloud Data Login Information in the appropriate fields and touch the [Connect] button.

    NOTE: The “Show Cloud Key” option will allow you to see the Hosted Cloud License Key you  typed (rather than the black dots). The “Auto Login” option allows you to bypass the first 3 screens when launching the Greet and Attend app in the future.

  8. The Select Database window will be displayed. You will see each of the hosted  databases that you have purchased. Touch the database you would like to work with in the Greet and Attend app. (See Figure 8)

  9. On the next window, enter your User ID and Password for Servant Keeper. Touch  the [Login] button to enter the selected database and begin using the app. (See Figure 9)