Please note: This help sheet will guide you through the upgrade from Servant Keeper 7 to the Local database version of Servant Keeper 8.

  1. Open the installation email and click on the Servant Keeper 8 installation link.

  2. When asked to "Run" or "Save" the file, click "Run" and the installation program will begin to run.

    NOTE: Depending on the browser you are using, your options to run the installer may vary. If you are unsure of how to download the setup on your computer, it is recommended to contact your Administrator or IT person.

  3. The first window you will see is the Servant Keeper License Agreement. (See Figure 1) Please read the agreement so that you understand the licensing of the program before continuing with the installation. If you agree with the license agreement, click the “I accept the agreement” radio button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the program installation.

    License Agreement window
    NOTE: Use the [Cancel] button at any time in the installation to stop the installation process and close the Setup.

  4. Next, you will see the Install Type window. (See Figure 2) There are 4 different installation types to choose from. For this help sheet, we will choose the second option: "Upgrade to Servant Keeper 8 from Servant Keeper 7". This option will install the Servant Keeper 8 program and upgrade your Servant Keeper 7 data to version 8. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade.

    Install Type window
  5. You will now see the Customer Information window. (See Figure 3) Enter your Servant Keeper Customer ID number, then click the [Next] button to continue with the install.

    Customer Information window

    NOTE: If you do not know your Customer ID number, click "Find your customer ID" to log in to the Support Center and find your ID number in the "Account Information" area.

  6. The next window indicates where the Servant Keeper 8 program will be installed. (See Figure 4) The Help Desk recommends keeping the default installation path. Click the [Next] button to continue.

    Select Destination Location window
    NOTE: This is the program installation step. In the next step, you can choose where to install the SK8 database. The Help Desk recommends keeping both default installation paths. If you choose to change either of the paths (not recommended), be sure to document the location(s) you selected.

  7. The next window indicates where the Servant Keeper 8 database will be installed. (See Figure 5) The Help Desk recommends keeping the default database location. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation.

    Select the Servant Keeper Database Directory window
  8. The next window to appear is asking you where your Servant Keeper 7 database is located. (See Figure 6) Click the [Browse] button to browse your computer or network for your Servant Keeper 7 database. Once you have located the database file, highlight it, and click the [Open] button. Click the [Next] button to continue with the installation and upgrade.

    Choose Servant Keeper 7 Database window
    NOTE: If you are unsure of where your Servant Keeper 7 database is located, you can check this path by logging in to any module of SK7 and looking in the bottom left-hand corner next to "Current Data Source". Be sure to close SK7 completely before returning to the SK8 install wizard.

  9. You will now see the Ready to Install window. (See Figure 7) This window reviews all of the settings that have been made thus far in the installation process. If the information is correct, click the [Install] button to begin the installation. If you need to make any changes before continuing with the installation, use the [Back] button to go back to any of the previous steps in the Setup wizard.

    Ready to Install window
  10. A green progress bar will appear showing you the progress of your installation. (See Figure 8) When the installation is complete, it will automatically advance to the next step.

    Installing window
  11. The Servant Keeper 8 Database Conversion Utility will appear. (See Figure 9) Notice the "Source" and "Target" lines are already pre-filled with the paths you selected for the existing Servant Keeper 7 database and the new Servant Keeper 8 database.

    At the top of the Database Conversion Utility, use the "Keep target database name the same as source database name" box if you have renamed your Servant Keeper 7 database and wish your Servant Keeper 8 database to have the same file name. By default, both files will be named "ServantKeeperDatabase". If you have not renamed your database or wish to keep the default database name, leave this box unchecked.

    There are three extra conversion options at the bottom of the conversion utility where you can specify to convert contributions, attendance, and/or audit trail history on or after a certain date. Use these options if you have older information you do not wish to upgrade. If no extra conversion options are selected, all contribution, attendance, and audit trail history information from your SK7 program will be upgraded.

    Servant Keeper 8 Database Conversion Utility
  12. Click [Start Database Conversion] to begin upgrading your Servant Keeper 7 data to Servant Keeper 8. You will see the "File Progress" and "Total Progress" bars begin to move. When the conversion is complete, you will receive a message stating "Conversion and database optimization completed successfully". (See Figure 10) Click [OK] on this message to proceed.

    Conversion complete window
  13. The Database Conversion Log will open showing you the details of your completed conversion. (See Figure 11) Use the [Save Log File] button if you wish to save the Conversion Log for your records (optional). Click the [Close] button to continue, then [Close] once more to close the Conversion Utility.

    Database Conversion Log window
  14. You will now be back at your Desktop screen where you will notice a new icon for the Servant Keeper 8 program. (See Figure 12) Double-click on the icon to open your Servant Keeper 8 program.

    Servant Keeper icon
  15. The Servant Keeper Launcher window will appear. (See Figure 13) Click once on either "Membership Manager", "Contribution Manager", or "Administration Manager" to open the program.

    Servant Keeper Launcher window
  16. You will see a window telling you how many days are remaining on the Servant Keeper 8 demo and asking if you would like to register Servant Keeper. (See Figure 14) On this window, there are three options:

    • [Buy Now]: Choose this option at any time if you have not yet purchased Servant Keeper 8 and wish to do so. This option will launch the online store where you can purchase the Servant Keeper 8 program.

    • [Activate License]: Choose this option if you have purchased Servant Keeper 8 and wish to register the program. Registering the program will stop the 30 day demo countdown.

    • [Continue Demo]: Choose this option if you wish to use Servant Keeper 8 as a 30 day demo. This option will allow you to use the fully functional program for 30 days. At the end of the demo period, you would need to register and activate Servant Keeper 8 in order to continue using the program. If you are using the 30 day demo, skip to step 18 of this help sheet.

    Servant Keeper Demo window
  17. If you chose the [Activate License] option on the previous window, you will see the Register and Activate Servant Keeper window. (See Figure 15) Paste (or type) your Servant Keeper 8 Product Code on the "Product Code" line. After pasting in your Product Code, the Customer ID, Organization Name, and Email fields may auto-fill with your organization's information. If these boxes do not auto-fill, type the correct information in the boxes provided. On the "Name this installation" line, enter a name to identify the license code used on this computer. Click [Register and Activate] to complete your registration.

    Register and Activate Servant Keeper window
    NOTE: If your [Register and Activate] button is grayed out and unavailable, check to make sure you have entered your Product Code correctly and all fields are complete. Your Product Code can be found in the information you received after your Servant Keeper 8 purchase. If you cannot find your Product Code, click "Retrieve Lost Product Code" to log in to the Support Center and find your code in the "License Information" area.

  18. You will now see the Login window for the module of Servant Keeper you selected. (See Figure 16) Enter the User ID and Password you used in the Servant Keeper 7 program. Press the <Enter> key on your keyboard or click [OK] to continue.

    Servant Keeper Membership Manager Login window
  19. You will be prompted to enter your email address. (See Figure 17) Enter your email address in the box provided, then click [Save] to continue. In Servant Keeper 8, your email address will be tied to your User and can be used for logging in and password retrieval.

    Enter Email Address window
  20. Your Servant Keeper 8 program is now installed and ready to use! As you begin using the program, you will notice all of the information from your Servant Keeper 7 program is now in Servant Keeper 8.

    NOTE: The System Preferences are not upgraded from previous versions of Servant Keeper. Make sure that you set up your preferences in both Membership Manager and Contribution Manager. System Preferences are found under the File menu in both modules.

    NOTE for Administrators: To allow a user access to the new\enhanced features in the program, new User Security Features in Administration Manager must be set up. Open and log into Administration Manager, then click User Security to edit each User and grant the appropriate rights for each person.