Follow the steps below to guide you through installing Servant Keeper Check-In 2 on your Mac and connecting to your Servant Keeper 8 database.

  1. Open the installation email and click on the Servant Keeper Check-In 2 Mac installation link.

  2. Wait for the file to download. When the download is finished, double-click on the installer from the "Downloads" area of your Web browser or Finder.

    NOTE: Depending on the browser you are using, your options to run the installer may vary. If you are unsure of how to download the setup on your computer, it is recommended to contact your Administrator or IT person.

  3. You will see a progress window as the file is opened. Wait for the file to load and you will automatically be taken to the next step.

  4. A Servant Keeper window will appear. Drag and drop the Servant Keeper Check-In icon into the Applications folder.

  5. A progress window will appear as Servant Keeper Check-In is copied into your Applications folder. When the file is done copying, double click on the Applications folder to open it.

  6. In the Applications window, double click on Servant Keeper Check-In to begin the installation.

    NOTE: Please be patient, in some cases the installer may take a few moments to open.

  7. If you receive a prompt stating "'Servant Keeper Check-In' is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?", click [Open].

  8. You will now see the End User License Agreement. Read through the agreement, check “I accept all of the terms of the preceding license agreement”, then click [Next] to continue.

  9. On the next window, click [Finish] to begin the installation.

  10. You will see the setup go through a quick installation, then the Setup is Complete window will appear. Click [Close] to continue.

    NOTE: Please be patient, in some cases the next window may take a few moments to open.

  11. The next window that appears is another end user license agreement. Read through the text and click [Yes] to accept the agreement.

  12. The Welcome to the Setup Wizard window will appear. Click [Next] to continue with the installation.

  13. You will now see a License Agreement. Read through the agreement, choose “I accept the terms in the license agreement”, then click [Next].

  14. On the Setup Type window, choose Typical, then click [Next].

  15. The Ready to Install window will appear. Click [Install] to continue with the installation process.

  16. You will see a Wizard Complete window. Click [Finish] to complete the setup.

  17. The Servant Keeper Check-In Setup Wizard will appear. If Servant Keeper 8 is installed on this computer, the setup wizard should automatically detect your database settings. If SK8 is not installed on this computer or your database is not detected, use the options on the screen to connect Check-In to your Servant Keeper 8 database.

    For a Local Database: Choose the "Local Database" radio button. Use the [Browse] button on the screen to browse to and select the Servant Keeper 8 database on your computer or network. After selecting the database, click the [Test Connection] button. When the red light next to the database file path turns green, you are connected to a valid SK8 database. Click the [Next] button to continue.

    For a Cloud Database: Choose the "Cloud Database" radio button. Use the [Cloud Settings] button to open the "Customer Login" window. Paste (or type) the information from the "Servant Keeper Cloud Data Login Information" email you received after your Cloud purchase in the spaces provided. After entering the correct information to connect to your database, the "Cloud Databases" window will appear. Click once on your database to highlight it, then click [Choose Database]. Click the [Test Connection] button--when the red light next to the database name turns green, you are connected to a valid SK8 database. Click the [Next] button to continue.

    NOTE: If you just purchased Servant Keeper 8 Cloud, it could take up to 24 hours for your Cloud database to be created and the "Cloud Data Login Information" email to be sent. If it has been over 24 hours since signing up for the Cloud and you do not know your Customer Login information, click "Cloud Account Retrieval" to log in to the Support Center and find your information in the "Account Information" area.

  18. On the next step, choose the users from Servant Keeper you want to use in Check-In. If there are any Servant Keeper users you do not want logging in to Check-In, untag them at this time. Click [Next] to continue.

  19. You will now see the "Authorize Individuals and Configure Hardware" window. Check the "Auto-Authorize Head of Household and Spouse" box to authorize all Head of Households and Spouses to check in and out members of their family.

    Check "Auto-Authorize Individuals over the age of..." box to authorize all individuals over a certain age to check in and out members of their family. For this option, the age will default to 17, but can be changed. This is especially helpful if you wish to authorize older children to be able to check in and out their younger siblings. If you choose not to use either of the auto-authorize options, manual authorization can be done from the Authorization area within the Check-In program.

    If you have a label printer installed, select the printer options for your label/claim ticket printer in the "Label Printer Setup" section. Check "Use Printers at this Station", then check "Enable Printer #1" to select your installed label printer in the drop-down menu. Only enable printer #2 if you have a second label printer to use at this station. If you have not yet installed your printer, you can add it at any time in the Settings > Hardware area of the Check-In program.

    Click [Next] to continue.

  20. On the next step you will see all of the options you have selected for the Setup Wizard up to this point. Review all of the settings that have been made thus far in the setup. If the information is correct, click the [Finish] button to complete the process. If you need to make any changes before finalizing the setup, use the [Back] button to go back to any of the previous steps in the Setup wizard.

  21. You will now see the Servant Keeper Check-In Login window. Enter the same email address (or User ID) and password you use when logging in to Servant Keeper 8. Press the <Enter> key on your keyboard or click [Login] to continue.

    NOTE: Use the "Remember Login" option if you would like to have SK Check-In remember your email or User ID.

  22. If this is the first time you're logging in with an existing SK User ID and Password, you may see the "Change Password" window. On the "Email" line, enter your email address--this is what you will use to log in. On the "Password" and "Confirm Password" lines, enter the password you wish you use when logging in to the program. Please note: this is the password you will use to log in to Servant Keeper 8 and SK Check-In 2. Passwords ARE case-sensitive, must be at least 6 characters in length, and contain at least 1 number. You will know your password meets the minimum requirements when the red square next to each password field turns green. Click [Save] to update your user information and log in to the program.

  23. Your Servant Keeper Check-In program is now installed! To open the program in the future, simply use the blue "Servant Keeper Checkin" icon from the Application area of Finder.