Welcome to Sterling Volunteers! 

This help sheet will show you how to link your existing Sterling Volunteers account to your Servant Keeper 8 program for background checks. To begin, make sure you have access to the email you received after signing up with SV. Don't already have a Sterling Volunteers account? Click HERE to learn more.

  1. Open and log in to the Servant Keeper 8 Membership Manager.

  2. Choose Tools | Background Check Manager.

    NOTE: If the Background Check Manager option is grayed out, you will want to have your administrator update your User Security in the Administration Manager. After the User Security has been updated, remember to close and re-open the program for the new permissions to take effect.

  3. On the window that opens, choose "Integrate with Sterling Volunteers", then click [Continue].

  4. On the next window, choose "I have a Sterling Volunteers account", then click [Continue].

    NOTE: If you haven't already signed up for Sterling Volunteers, choose "Sign up for Sterling Volunteers", then click [Continue]. After completing the registration and receiving the email from SV with your account information, go back to the beginning of this guide and follow the steps to set up your integration.

  5. On the Sterling Volunteer Settings window:
    • Enter your Servant Keeper Customer ID number in the "Servant Keeper Customer ID" field.

    • Enter your Sterling Volunteers Username and Password in the respective "Username" and "Password" fields. (This information would be in the email you received after signing up with SV.)

    • Using the [Paste New Package IDs] button, paste the Package IDs from the email you received after signing up with SV. From the email: highlight the Package IDs, right click, then select "Copy". On the settings window, click [Paste New Package IDs].

    • In the "Choose Default Package" drop-down menu, select the background check package you'd like to display by default. Keep in mind that you can switch to a different background check package at any time. Keeping your most commonly used background check package as the default will save you a step when sending e-invites to your volunteers.

    • Choose whether or not you'd like to log background checks as Touch Points by turning the "Log background checks as Touch Points" toggle on or off. By default, the toggle is "on", meaning any background checks you complete will be tracked under the Overview > Touch Points tab of the volunteer's SK Individual Profile.

    • At the bottom of the window, you will see "Select which Email address from the Servant Keeper Profiles to use". In this area, select the email address on the SK Individual Profile to which you would like to send your SV e-invite background check requests. By default, the selection will be on "E-Mail" (the primary E-Mail field on the SK Individual Profile).

    • In the "Select which Phone from the Servant Keeper Profiles to use" section, choose which phone number (Home Phone or Cell Phone) from the SK Individual Profile you'd like SV to refer to for the background check.

  6. Click [Save] to save your settings.

  7. You will now see the Background Check Manager. Your settings to connect Servant Keeper with Sterling Volunteers have been saved and you're ready to begin your background checks!

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