Follow the steps below to send a background check request Servant Keeper using your Sterling Volunteers integration.

NOTE: If you have not yet set up the integration with Sterling Volunteers, please see Integrating with Sterling Volunteers.

  1. Open and log in to the Membership Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Background Check Manager.

    NOTE: If the [Background Check Manager] option is grayed out, have your administrator check "10.0 Background Check" in SK Administration Manager > User Security for your user. Be sure to close the program and log back in to the Membership Manager for these new permissions to take effect.

  3. Click [Send New Request].

  4. The "Add Background Check" window will appear. Search by name, member status, or select a group to begin.

  5.  The records matching your search will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tag any of the individual(s) to whom you'd like to send a background check request.

  6. Click once to highlight the individual to whom you'd like to send the background check request. Review the applicant's information on the screen to verify that it is correct. If sending request to multiple individuals, click on each individual on the list to verify the information for all individuals.

    If any required information is missing, you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen. To make any corrections, click the "x" at the top of the "Add Background Check" window to close it, then make the necessary changes in the Individual Profile. Remember to save the changes in the Individual Profile before going back to the Background Check Manager.

  7. Using the drop-down menu on the screen, select the type of background check you wish to request.

  8. Click [Send Background Check Request] to send a background check request to each of the tagged records.

    NOTE: The background check requests will be sent to the email address you specified in the Settings area (E-Mail, Email 2, or Email 3). To review your settings at any time, click the [Settings] button on the Background Check Manager screen.

  9. You will receive a warning to remind you that any tagged person without the correct profile data will be skipped, any tagged people with pending background checks will have their checks resubmitted, and background checks from other integration will not be available in Servant Keeper. Click [Yes] to continue.

  10. You will receive a message that the background checks were successfully sent. Click [OK].

  11. If you are done submitting background check requests for now, click the "x" in the top right-hand corner of the "Add Background Check" window to go back to the Background Check Manager. Complete steps 4 - 11, above, for any background checks you wish to submit.

  12. Back on the Background Check Manager window, you will see a list of all background check requests submitted in SK8 along with their check status. Requests which were just submitted and have not been completed will have a check status of "Sent".