NOTE: It is important when setting up accounts in Vanco that the names be an exact match to the names in Servant Keeper. Doing so will prevent having to fix contributions that are rejected because the account name is not found.

  1. Log into the Contribution Manager and click on the [Give+] button.

    NOTE: If the [Give+] button is grayed out, this means your Servant Keeper user does not have adequate User Security to access this feature. To enable this option, you or your system administrator will need to go to the SK Administration Manager "User Security" section to edit your user. In this area, on the Contribution tab, you must have access to item "10.0 Import Contribution". Remember to close and re-open the Contribution Manager after these new privileges have been granted and saved.

  2. An Import Online Giving Transactions window will appear with the service automatically selected for Vanco Give+. If importing Vanco Give+ Text to Give contributions, use the drop-down next to "Service" to choose that option, instead.

  3. Enter the Servant Keeper Integration Information you received from Vanco in the appropriate fields. The log in information consists of three things: a Client ID, User ID, and a Password. You should receive this information from Vanco in an email. This will not be the same information used to log in to your MyVanco account online. If you do not know this information, please contact Vanco at 800-774-9355 to get the necessary SK integration information.

    IMPORTANT: The integration information that Servant Keeper uses to connect to your Give+ account is different from information that you use to log in to your account through the Vanco website.

  4. Select the Date Range for which you want to download Give+ transactions.

    NOTE: Servant Keeper will display the last date range that online giving transactions were imported. If you've never imported contributions from Vanco before, the first date box will default to "12/31/1899" to ensure all past contributions are included in your import.

  5. Click the [Download] button. A loading window will appear. The import will automatically advance to the next step when the records have finished loading.

  6. An Import Preview window will appear, click the [Next] button to process and import the transactions.

  7. If there are records in the import file that need to be fixed before importing, a fix rejects window will appear.

  8. There are two common reasons why transactions are rejected:

    • Not Linked to an Individual: the individual who gave online needs to have their Vanco profile linked to their Servant Keeper profile. This can occur if this is the first time this contributor's Vanco contributions are being imported into Servant Keeper. Once the individual has been linked, you will not have to link that individual again. To fix transactions rejected for Not Linked to an Individual:
      • Double-click on a transaction in the reject list and a Fix Rejected Import Contribution window will appear. At the top of the window you will see the reason(s) the contribution was rejected.

      • Click [Link to an Individual] and an Add Vanco Account Profile window will appear.

      • Enter the individual's name on the "Individual Name/Env #" line, then press <Enter> on your keyboard to continue.

      • If the name entered matches someone in your Servant Keeper database the name will appear. If the name entered matches more than one person in your Servant Keeper database, a result screen will appear. In this case, double-click on the correct individual record to select them. If the name entered does not match any records in Servant Keeper, you can use the [Add Visitor] button to create a new record for the individual.

      • Click [Save].

      • If any other corrections need to be made, you can make them at this time. Click [Save] to save the entry and go back to the Fix Rejects window.

    • No Account Name Found: an account name (fund) in the import file does not match any account name in Servant Keeper. This can occur if the account names set up in Vanco do not match the account names set up in Servant Keeper. To fix transactions rejected for No Account Name Found:

      NOTE: If you have transactions rejected due to No Account Name Found, it is recommended to log in to your Vanco account page and edit the account name(s) to match the account name(s) in Servant Keeper. Making these changes will prevent you from having to fix transactions rejected due to no account name being found each time you import contributions from Vanco.

      • Double-click on a transaction in the reject list and a Fix Rejected Import Contribution window will appear. At the top of the window you will see the reason(s) the contribution was rejected.

      • Click on the Account Name drop-down menu and select the account to which you want to map the transaction. NOTE: You also have the option to create a new account using the [Add New Account] button.

        NOTE: After selecting an account, you will see an "Apply changes to all records with the same account name" checkbox. Check this box if you'd like all contributions for this rejected account name matched to the account you selected in the "Account Name" drop-down for this import.

      • Click [Save] to save the transaction.

  9. Once any rejected transactions have been fixed, click the [Next] button. The "Map to Proper Batches" screen will appear. This screen can be used to edit the Batch information and change the batch name and/or batch description.

  10. Click [Next] to go to the Import Summary screen. This screen will display the number of transactions and the total amount that will be imported into Servant Keeper, for verification purposes.

  11. Check the "Yes, I want to import the contributions" check box and click the [Import] button.

  12. When the import has finished, a message will appear saying "All ## entries have been imported successfully." Click the [OK] button.

  13. The imported batch(es) are now in the Contribution Manager as unposted batches. You can post the batches using the [Post Batch] button from the main Contribution Manager screen.