Note: This help sheet assumes you've already completed the steps to link your Eventbrite account with Servant Keeper 8. If you have not already done so, click HERE to get started.

  1. Open and log in to Membership Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Eventbrite Manager.

  3. The Eventbrite Manager will open displaying any events you have already set up in your Eventbrite account. Click in the "Contribution Account" column next to one of your events for a drop-down arrow to appear. Use the drop-down menu in the Contribution Account column to select the SK contribution account that should be tied to the highlighted event.

  4. When someone registers for a paid Eventbrite event, money from the ticket sales for the highlighted event will be automatically posted into the Contribution Account selected in the Contribution Manager. By default, the contribution will be accompanied with a note that reads "Eventbrite Payment". These contributions can be viewed anywhere in Servant Keeper where your normal contributions are displayed including the Overview > Contributions/Pledges > View Contributions tab of the Individual Profile in the Membership Manager and the Reports and Listings in the Contribution Manager.

    Note: In order for the contribution to be tied to a particular individual, the registrant must be listed as "Matched" in the Eventbrite Manager under that event. For information on how to match your registrants in the Eventbrite Manager, click