The Servant Keeper Sacraments Manager is an add-on for the Servant Keeper 8 program that will be deactivated by default. If you have Servant Keeper 8 with a Cloud database, the ServantPC staff will activate the Sacraments Manager for you when the add-on is purchased. If you have Servant Keeper 8 with a Local database, you will need to activate the Sacrament Manager after your purchase by following the steps below.

  1. Open and log in to the Membership Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Sacraments Manager.

  3. The Sacrament Splash window will appear. Enter the Activation Code you received with your purchase of the Sacraments Manager, then click [Activate].

  4. You will receive a message stating that your activation was successful. Click [OK]. The Sacraments Manager window will appear. Your Sacraments Manager is now activated and ready to use!