1. Open and log in to Membership Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Sacraments Manager.

  3. The Sacraments Manager window will open. Click the [Location Editor] button.

  4. The Sacrament Location List will appear. If you have your organization's information in the "Information" area of the SK Administration Manager, you will see this information appear with a green checkmark () next to it. This green checkmark indicates this as your default location. Your default location is the location that will be pre-filled, by default, in any of the sacrament "Location" fields (e.g. Baptism Location, First Communion Location, etc.)

    NOTE: If needed, you can highlight your default location and click [Edit Location] to update any of your organization's contact information. Editing your default location will also update this information in the "Information" area of the SK Administration Manager.

  5. All of the locations on your Sacrament Location List will display as choices in the drop-down menu of any of your "Location" fields (e.g. Baptism Location, First Communion Location, etc.) To add a new location option, click [Create New Location].

  6. In the window that appears, enter the new Organization (or Location) Name as well as any other information you know about the organization including address, phone, fax, email address, and/or Web site. When you're done entering the information about the new location, click [Save].

  7. Your newly created location will appear on the location list with your other location(s). You can use the [Edit Location] or [Delete Location] buttons at any time to edit or delete existing locations. Keep in mind that editing/deleting locations from your location list will edit/delete those locations in any sacrament records where they're assigned.

    NOTE: You can delete any locations with the map dot icon () next to them. The icon with the church and green checkmark is your default location location which cannot be deleted.

  8. When you're done making changes to your Sacrament Location List, click the "X" in to top right-hand corner to close it and go back to the Sacraments Manager.