The Sacraments Manager allows you to add a picture of your church/organization seal so that it can be included on certain sacrament certificates. To add your seal, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open and log in to the Membership Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Sacraments Manager.

  3. Click the [Edit Seal] button at the top of the Sacraments Manager.

  4. The Seal Editor window will open. Click [Find Seal Image] to browse for and select your church/organization seal. Your seal can be inserted as a .jpg or .bmp file type.

  5. After selecting your seal image, you will be taken to the Image Editor window where you will need to crop your image. Use your mouse to select the portion of your image you'd like to use as your seal. Click [Apply Crop] to see your cropped image.

  6. Click [Save Image] to continue with your cropped image or click [Reset Image] to undo the cropping and try again.

  7. When you have saved your image, it will appear in the Seal Editor window. Click [Save and Close] to finalize your changes and go back to the Sacraments Manager.