1. Open and log in to the Membership Manager.

  2. Choose Tools | Sacraments Manager.

  3. Click the [Settings] button.

  4. The Sacrament Settings window will appear. In this area, you have the option of updating the caption and tab names used in the Individual Sacrament Records. Change any of the existing captions or tab names by simply typing the new name in the space provided next to each caption/tab. Changing the name in the Sacrament Settings will change the item's name throughout the Sacraments Manager.

  5. Also in the settings area, you have the option to skip the prompt to save Individuals from shared records. This option, by default, is turned off. Turning this option on means that, when importing a shared sacrament record, you do not want the program to prompt you about saving each person. Instead, with this option on, you will bypass the "Record Found!" message and will be taken directly to the "Link Person" area.

  6. When you're done making changes to your settings, click the [Save] button. If you're not making changes at this time, use the [Cancel] button to go back to the Sacraments Manager. Keep in mind you can click the [Settings] button at any time to change your settings.