1. Open and log in to the Membership Manager.

  2. Open an Individual Profile by double-clicking a person from the right-hand side of the main list or by finding the person with the [Find] tool.

  3. Click the [Sacraments] button at the top of the Individual Profile to open the Individual Sacrament window.

  4. Choose the Marriage tab, then click the [Add] button from the left-hand side of the window.

  5. A window will appear asking you to choose if this individual is the "Groom" or "Bride". Choose one of the options to continue. In this example, we will add "John Doe" as the "Groom".

    NOTE: If needed, you can rename the "Groom" and "Bride" options in your Sacraments Manager Settings. To learn more, click HERE.

  6. The Marriage Sacrament Record will appear listing this individual under the option you selected in the previous step (Groom or Bride).

  7. Next, we can link the remaining spouse (in this example, the Bride). Click the [Unlinked] button next to the "Bride" heading at the top of the Marriage tab.

    NOTE: If you added the individual as the Bride in "step 5", above, click the [Unlinked] button next to Groom.

  8. In the window that opens, type the name of the person you're linking (in this example, the Bride is "Mary Doe"). Click the [Find] button or press <Enter> on your keyboard to search.

  9. Double-click on the person's name in the search results to select them. You will now see both the Bride and Groom listed on the Marriage record. If this is the individual's current marriage, check the "This is the Current Marriage" checkbox at the top of the Marriage tab.

  10. Use the other fields on the "Marriage" tab to record more information about the marriage, if you wish. When you're done entering information about this marriage, click [Save & Close].

    NOTE: Updating the "Marital Status" and "Wedding Date" fields will update these fields on the Individual Profile for the Bride and Groom. For more information about using the fields on the Marriage tab, click HERE.

  11. The marriage sacrament is now saved. Click [Save & Close] to go out of the Individual Profile and back to the Main List.

  12. The next time you open the Individual Sacrament record for either of the individuals (e.g. John Doe or Mary Doe), you will see their names listed on the "Marriage" tab. Use the [Edit] button at any time to change details about the marriage. Remember to save any changes you make before closing the Individual Sacrament record.