1. Begin with your check scanner unplugged from your computer and your Servant Keeper program closed.

  2. Click HERE to download the Check Scanner setup for your MagTek ImageSafe/Excella Check Scanner. If prompted, choose to [Run] or [Open] the application.

    NOTE: The way you run the Check Scanner download will be different depending on your Web browser. If you are unsure of how to run the application, contact your administrator for assistance.

  3. You will see a message asking if you wish to continue with the installation of the Check Scanner Support. Click [Yes].

  4. The "Ready to Install" window will appear. Click [Install].

  5. You will see a green progress bar as the check scanner support is installed. The install wizard will automatically advance to the next step when the progress is complete.

  6. The installation wizard will appear. Click [Next] to continue.

  7. On the "Select Options" step, leave both options checked and click [Next].

  8. On the "Choose Destination Location" step, we recommend keeping the default location and clicking [Next].

  9. A blue progress bar will appeared while the files are being copied. The install wizard will automatically advance to the next step when the progress is complete.

  10. An "InstallShield Wizard Complete" window will appear. Click [Finish] to continue.

  11. On the next screen, click [Finish] to complete the SK8 Check Scanner Support Setup Wizard.

  12. At this time, you will want to plug your check scanner in to your computer (and a power outlet).

  13. Open and log in to the SK Contribution Manager.

  14. Upon logging in, you will see a message stating "You need to go to the System Preferences' Check Scanner tab to select a MacTek Excella-STX-ImageSafe Check Scanner first." Click [OK].

  15. Your Contribution Manager System Preferences will appear. Choose the "Check Scanner" tab from the top of the screen.

  16. In the "MagTek Excella-STX-ImageSafe Scanner Setting" box, click the drop-down menu and select your check scanner (e.g. "ImageSafe.ImageSafe001").

    NOTE: If you do not see anything in the drop-down menu, close completely out of the Contribution Manager, make sure your check scanner is plugged in to both an outlet and your computer, then go back into the Contribution Manager System Preferences.

  17. The "Scanner Timeout" is the amount of time (in seconds) you will have to scan your check before the check scanner times out and goes back to the Contribution Entry area. This option will default to 10 seconds. The HelpDesk recommends keeping this default setting until you've scanned a few checks to determine if you need to adjust the timeout. This setting can be as low as 1 second or as high as 100 seconds.

  18. If you would like to save the images for the checks you scan (optional), check the "Save Check Scan Image" box.

  19. If you choose to save your check scan images, you will need to choose the folder where you'd like your check images to be saved. Use the [Browse] button to select the location where you'd like to save the images of your checks. If you choose not to save your check scan images, skip to the next step.

  20. Click [Save] to save your Check Scanner preferences. Your check scanner is now set up and ready to use.