The NEW Check-In mobile app allows you to use your Android tablet for checking in and out. The app can be used with Bluetooth connected wearable mobile printers to print name badges and claim tickets. You can also use Bluetooth connected scanners or the on-board camera to scan security cards. This app is a companion app for the Servant Keeper 8 Cloud program and Servant Keeper Check-In 2.

NOTE: Before installing the Check-In app, make sure your Servant Keeper Check-In 2 program is on version 2.0.15 or higher.

  1. On your Android device, go to the Play Store.

  2. In the search bar, search "servant keeper", then choose "Check-In for Servant Keeper 8".

  3. On the next screen, choose [Install] to begin.

  4. A window will appear telling you that Check-In needs access to your Photos/Media/Files, Camera, Bluetooth connection information. Choose [Accept] to continue.

    NOTE: If you have not completed your account setup for the Play Store, you may be prompted to review your account. Touch "Continue", then choose "Skip" to proceed without adding payment information.

  5. A progress bar will appear as the app is downloaded and installed.

  6. When the app is finished installing, touch [Open] to launch the app.

  7. The Check-In for Servant Keeper app will appear. Choose [Sign In] from the top right-hand corner.

  8. You will be prompted to enter your cloud account information. Enter your organization's "Customer Name", "ServantPC Cloud Account Email", and "Hosted Cloud License Key" in the boxes provided, then touch [Connect].

    NOTE: If you just purchased Servant Keeper 8 Cloud, it could take up to 24 hours for your Cloud database to be created and the "Cloud Data Login Information" email to be sent. If it has been over 24 hours since signing up for the Cloud and you do not know your cloud account information, choose [Lookup Cloud Account] to go to the Servant PC Account Retrieval page.

  9. You will see your organization's database name listed. Select the database to continue.

  10. On the next screen, enter the same Email (or User ID) and Password you use when logging in to Servant Keeper 8. Choose [Login] to continue.

    NOTE: If you have not set up at least one user in SK8, you will need to do so before you can log in to Check-In mobile. The user you're logging in as must also have login access to the Check-In 2 program. User rights for Check-In can be managed via the "User Security" button in the Check-In 2 desktop application.

  11. You're now logged in to the Check-In mobile app and ready to get started!