Before getting started with "Kiosk Self Check In", you need to choose at least one check in method from the Check-In mobile Settings.

  1. Open and log in to the Check-In mobile app.

  2. Choose [Settings].

  3. The Mobile Check-In Settings will appear.

  4. In the Mobile Check-In Settings, you can choose one or more of the following options:

    a. Check In with Passcodes
    b. Check In with Envelope Numbers
    c. Check In with Keyfobs (by default, uses the device's camera to scan keyfobs)

    NOTE: While in the Mobile Check-In Settings, you may also want to enter a custom "Kiosk Name"--this is the name that will identify this kiosk in the Check-In log. On this screen, you also have the opportunity to set a "Kiosk Unlock Code"--this is a code that must be entered to leave the "Kiosk Self Check In" screen. If you leave the Kiosk Unlock Code blank, you will be able to leave the Kiosk Self Check In area without providing an unlock code.

  5. Choose [Save Settings] to save your selection(s).