Important Note: Before beginning the installation of the new version of Servant Keeper 8, please back up your database using the following steps.

1. Open the Applications folder

2. Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on the Servant Keeper 8 icon

3. Choose "Show Package Contents"

4. Expand "Contents"

5. Expand "SharedSupport"

6. Expand "servantkeeper"

7. Expand "support"

8. Expand "sevantkeeper"

9. Expand "drive_c"

10. Expand "users"

11. Expand "Public"

12. Expand "Documents'

13. Expand "Servant Keeper Database"

14. Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on ServantKeeperData 

15. Click "copy"

16. Back on the Desktop, Hold down CTRL and click on the Desktop.

17. Click "Paste"

18. Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on the new database on your Desktop. 

19. Choose "Get Info"

19. In the "Name and Extension" box, remove .SK8DB and type .S8B. Press enter.

20. You will get a message "...Are you sure you want to change.." Click "Keep .S8B"

21. Proceed to the next set of instructions to install the new version of Servant Keeper 8.

Important Note: If you are connecting to a local database stored on your Mac DO NOT remove the old non compatible version of Servant Keeper until you have finished installing and connecting to your database.

Download the Servant Keeper 8 app HERE 


1. In your downloads folder, double-click on the Servant Keeper icon to install the Servant Keeper 8 app.

2. You will receive a message asking if you would like to move the Servant Keeper app to the Applications folder. Click on the [Move to Applications folder] button.

Important note: If you do not receive a message asking if you would like the move Servant Keeper to the Applications folder, please drag it to the Applications folder. It will not run properly from the Downloads folder.

3. If you receive a pop up stating that Servant Keeper 8 already exists in Applications, please choose the "Keep Both" option. 


4. Open the Applications Folder and double-click on the orange Servant Keeper icon to launch Servant Keeper.

5. The Launcher will open.

6. To connect to a local database for Servant Keeper 8 On Premises customers:

a. If your database is stored on another computer on your network:

i. Click on the [Switch Database] button.

ii. Click on the [Open Existing Servant Keeper Database] button, browse to the location of your database on your network and click [Open].

b. If you have a current backup of your Servant Keeper 8 Database:

i. Log in to the Administration Manager, click on the Restore backup button, browse to the location of your backup file and click the [Restore] button. (If you followed the steps at the beginning of this Helpsheet to create a backup, your backup is located on your Mac Desktop)

c. If your database is located on the same computer that you are installing Servant Keeper:

i. Locate your database

1. In the Finder, select applications.

2. Right-click on the old Servant Keeper app.  The Old Servant Keeper app will have an X over the icon in your Applications folder.

3. Select Show Package contents.

4. Open the Contents folder.

5. Open the sharedsupport folder.

6. Open the servantkeeper folder.

7. Open the support folder.

8. Open the servantkeeper folder.

9. Open the drive_c folder.

10. Open the users folder.

11. Open the Public folder.

12. Open the Documents folder.

13. Right-click on the Servant Keeper database folder and select Copy “Servant Keeper Database”

14. Click on the Documents folder in the sidebar area of the finder window, Right-click and select Paste Item.

15. Open the Servant Keeper Database folder and verify that your database is there.

7. In the Servant Keeper Launcher, click on the [Switch Database] button.

8. Click the Local Database button.

9. Click on the Open Existing Servant Keeper Database button.

10. In the Choose the Servant Keeper database window, click on the Desktop option on the left side.

11. Click on the My Documents Folder.

12. Open the Servant Keeper Database folder.

13. Select the ServantKeeperData.sk8db file and click [Open].

14. If you saved the database in the Mac document folder the file path should be

15. Click [Open] to return to the to the launcher and log in to Servant Keeper.