Please follow these instructions to install a Catalina compatible version of Servant Keeper 8 Local on a new computer.

Download the Servant Keeper 8 app HERE


1. In your downloads folder, double-click on the Servant Keeper icon to install the Servant Keeper 8 app.

2. You will receive a message asking if you would like to move the Servant Keeper app to the Applications folder. Click on the [Move to Applications folder] button.

3. Open the Applications Folder and double-click on the orange Servant Keeper icon to launch Servant Keeper.

4. The Launcher will open.

5. Click on the [Activate License] button. Paste (or type) your Servant Keeper 8 Product Code on the "Product Code" line. In the "Name this installation" line, enter a name to identify the license code used on this computer. 

6. Click [Register and Activate] to complete your registration.

7. The New User Information window will appear. Enter a name for this user (this can be your name or job title). The "Name" is only used to identify the user you create, it is never used to log in. Enter your email address in the Email and Confirm Email fields. The email is what you will use to log in. Enter your Password in the Password and Confirm Password fields.

8. Click [Save] to save the New User Information and you will automatically be logged in.

9. Your Servant Keeper 8 program is now installed and ready to use!

10. Note for Administrators: Additional users can be added at any time through the [User Security] area of the Administration Manager.