Yahoo Mail requires some third-party apps to generate and use an app password in order to send mail on behalf of the Yahoo account. An app password is a long, randomly generated code that gives a non-Yahoo app permission to use your Yahoo account. You only need to provide this code once and it will not change your existing Yahoo email password. Please see the instructions below to guide you through generating a third-party app password in order to allow Servant Keeper to send on behalf of your Yahoo email account.

  1. Click HERE and log in to your Yahoo account to go to the Account Security area.

  2. Click "Generate app password" or "Manage app passwords".

  3. On the "App passwords" window, click the drop-down and choose "Other App".

  4. On the "Enter custom name" line, type "Servant Keeper 8" (or your version of Servant Keeper) and click [Generate].

  5. A password will display on the screen. Copy this password (or write it down), you will need it in the next step. Click [Done] to continue.

  6. You will now see Servant Keeper listed on the "App passwords" screen. Click the "X" next to "App passwords" to close this window.

  7. Go back to the "Email Settings" window in Servant Keeper. (In Servant Keeper 8, Email Settings can be found by going to "Tools | Email Setup" and adding or editing an email account.)

  8. On the "Password" line, enter the password you copied (or wrote down) in place of your normal Yahoo Mail password. Click [Send Test Email].

  9. Provided the other settings on the screen are correct, you will see a message stating "The test message was sent successfully". Click [OK]. Your email settings will be saved. You can now send emails through Servant Keeper on behalf of your Yahoo Mail account.