Please note: You will need to be on version 8.0.43 of Servant Keeper (or higher) to see this option. To update to the latest version of Servant Keeper, use the options on the "Web Update" pop-up that appears when opening your SK8 software or the [Web Update] button in the Administration Manager.

  1. Open and log in to the Contribution Manager.

  2. Click the [Faithlife Giving] button.

    NOTE: If the [Faithlife Giving] button is grayed out, this means your Servant Keeper user does not have adequate User Security to access this feature. To enable this option, you or your system administrator will need to go to the SK Administration Manager "User Security" section to edit your user. In this area, on the Contribution tab, you must have access to item "10.0 Import Contribution." Remember to close and re-open the Contribution Manager after these new privileges have been granted and saved.

  3. The "Faithlife Giving" window will appear. If you have an existing Faithlife Giving account, click [Sign In] to continue. If you do not have an existing Faithlife Giving account, click [Start for free] to sign up.

  4. To sign in, enter the "Email" and "Password" used to access your Faithlife account, then click [Authorize].

    NOTE: If you do not remember your Faithlife password, click "Forgot your password" for help with a password reset. Resetting your password here will reset the password used to log in to

  5. In the next window that appears, click the "Groups" drop-down to select the Faithlife Finance Team from which you will be importing, then click [Continue].

    NOTE: If you do not see the correct Finance Team group in the drop-down, please contact your Faithlife Admin to have them invite your Faithlife user to the Finance Team.

  6. You will see a window telling you the integration is complete. Please wait--the window will automatically advance to the next step when the process is finalized.

  7. In the window that opens, choose the date range of contributions to import, then click [Import].

  8. A window will appear asking if you're sure you want to continue to import the contributions for the selected date range. Select [Yes, import], to continue.

  9. A loading window will appear. The import will automatically advance to the next step when the records have finished loading.

  10. A preview of the contributions will appear. Click [Next].

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're not seeing certain contributions in the import (and they haven't been imported yet), this would have to do with the status for the deposit. Deposits with a "Pending" status will not appear for import until they have been settled (marked "Deposited", "Manual", "Succeeded", "Refund Completed", or "Chargeback"). You can check the status for your deposits by logging into your account at, choosing "Deposits" on the left-hand side, and viewing the "Status" column there.

  11. If you're attempting to import contributions into an account that is not already in the system, you'll see a prompt that states "Account '<YourAccountName>' is not in the system. Do you want to add it to the system?" Click [Yes] to add the account as a new account in Servant Keeper. Click [No] if you wish to map the contribution(s) in that account to an existing account later, rather than adding a new account. Click [Cancel] to skip all prompts for adding new accounts. If you do not see this prompt, it means all of the account names in your import (from Faithlife Giving) match account names in Servant Keeper and you can continue to the next step.

  12. If there are records in the import file that need to be fixed before importing, a "Preview Results and Fix Rejects" window will appear. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window to scroll to the right in order to see the "Reject Reason".

    There are two common reasons why transactions are rejected:

    • Not Linked to an Individual: the individual who gave online needs to have their Faithlife profile linked to their Servant Keeper profile. It is standard to see this message for each of your contributors the first time you import an individual's gifts from Faithlife Giving. Once the individual has been linked, you will not need to link that individual again. To fix transactions with the "Not Linked to an Individual" reject reason:
      • Double-click on a transaction in the reject list and a "Fix Rejected Import Contribution" window will appear. At the top of the window, you will see the reason(s) the contribution was rejected.

      • Click [Link to an Individual] and an Add Account Profile window will appear.

      • Enter the individual's name or envelope number on the "Individual Name/Env #" line, then press <Enter> on your keyboard to continue.

      • If the name entered matches someone in your Servant Keeper database, the name will appear. If the name entered matches more than one person in your Servant Keeper database, a result screen will appear. In this case, double-click on the correct individual record to select them. If the name entered does not match any records in Servant Keeper, you can use the [Add Visitor] button to create a new record for the individual.

      • Click [Save].

      • If any other corrections need to be made, you can make them at this time. Click [Save] to save the entry and go back to the "Preview Results and Fix Rejects" window.

    • No Account Name Found: an account name (fund) in the import file does not match any account name in Servant Keeper. This can occur if the account names set up in Faithlife do not match the account names in Servant Keeper. To fix transactions with the "No Account Name Found" reject reason:

      • Double-click on a transaction in the reject list and a "Fix Rejected Import Contribution" window will appear. At the top of the window, you will see the reason(s) the contribution was rejected.

      • Click on the "Account Name" drop-down menu and select the existing account to which you want to map the transactions. Alternatively, you have the option to add a new account using the [Add New Account] button.

        NOTE: After selecting an account, you will see an "Apply changes to all records with the same account name" checkbox. Check this box if you'd like all contributions for this rejected account name matched to the account you selected in the "Account Name" drop-down for this import.

      • Click [Save] to save the transaction.

  13. Once any rejected transactions have been fixed, click the [Next] button. The "Map to Proper Batches" screen will appear. This screen can be used to edit the batch information and change the batch name and/or description. Click [Next] to continue.

  14. The "Map Pay Types" window will now be displayed. If there are any fields that are un-mapped or you wish to change any of the existing mappings, use the drop-down menu in the "System Pay Type" column to match a pay type from Servant Keeper to the pay type from the contribution import. The Servant Keeper pay types are: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Direct Deposit, Online Transaction, and Other. Click [Next] to proceed.

  15. A summary screen will display showing the number of contributions and the total amount that will be imported into Servant Keeper. Check the "Yes, I want to import the contributions" box, then click [Import].

  16. When the import has finished, a message will appear saying "All ## entries have been successfully imported to the system." Click the [OK] button.

  17. Back on the summary window, click [Done]. The imported batch(es) are now in the Contribution Manager as unposted batches. You can post the batches using the [Post Batch] button from the main Contribution Manager screen.