1. Open and log in to the Contribution Manager.

  2. Click Tools | Online Giving Link Editor > Faithlife Giving.

    Note: If prompted to enter your password, enter your Servant Keeper password and click [Continue].

  3. The Faithlife Giving Link Editor will appear with a list of all of the donors from Faithlife Giving who are currently linked to individuals in Servant Keeper. Next to "Search for Individuals" at the top of the window, type the name of the individual to whom the Faithlife Giving donation is currently linked, then click [Find].

  4. Tag the name of the individual in the search results and click [Relink].

  5. In the window that opens, you'll see the donor's Faithlife Giving information at the top (Donor Id and Donor Name). At the bottom of the window, search for this donor in Servant Keeper by typing their name in the "Individual Name/Env#" field. After selecting the correct individual, press the <Enter> key on your keyboard to continue, then click [Save].

    Note: If the correct individual is not already in Servant Keeper, use the [Add Visitor] button on the search results window to add them into SK.

  6. Use the [Close] button to close the Faithlife Giving Link Editor. The next time you import contributions from Faithlife Giving, the donor's contributions will automatically be matched to the individual you selected in the previous step. As for any contributions that have already been imported and posted, use the "Change Contributor" feature in the Contribution Manager to move the contributions to the proper individual.

    Note: For more information on the Change Contributor feature, click the "Help" button in the SK Contribution Manager and search "Change Contributor" or visit our online help sheet HERE.