In the Online Office, you can manage User Security for the Servant Keeper software suite (Membership, Contribution, and Administration), but there is also a special category to control a user's privileges for the Online Office. Follow the steps below as a guide for viewing and updating these settings.

  1. Go to and search for your organization's Customer ID number. Click on your organization's name to go to the login page for your Online Office.

  2. Log in to the Online Office using your email address and password.

    Remember: You log in to the Online Office using the same email address and password used to log in to Servant Keeper 8.

  3. Choose Users on the left-hand side of the screen. You will see the "Users" tab displaying all of the users from the Servant Keeper program.

    NOTE: If you do not see the "Users" option, you will need to have your Servant Keeper administrator complete these steps on your behalf.

  4. Click any user to edit that user's permissions.

  5. Select the "ONLINE OFFICE" tab to see the User Security options for the Online Office.

  6. Check the box in the "Access" column for any privileges you'd like to assign to that user, then click [Save] at the bottom of the window. The user permissions have now been updated.