Follow the steps below to guide you through installing Servant Keeper 8 on your Mac and creating a new Local database.

  1. Open the installation email and click on the Servant Keeper 8 Mac installation link.

  2. Wait for the file to download. When the download is finished, double-click on the installer from the "Downloads" area of your Web browser or Finder.

    NOTE: Depending on the browser you are using, your options to run the installer may vary. If you are unsure of how to download the setup on your computer, it is recommended to contact your Administrator or IT person.

  3. You may see a progress window as the file is opened. Wait for the file to load and you will automatically be taken to the next step.

  4. A Servant Keeper window will appear. Drag and drop the Servant Keeper 8 icon into the Applications folder.

  5. A progress window will appear as Servant Keeper is copied into your Applications folder. When the file is done copying, double click on the Applications folder to open it.

  6. In the Applications window, double click on Servant Keeper 8 to begin the installation.

    NOTE: Please be patient, in some cases the installer may take a few moments to open. If you receive a prompt stating "'Servant Keeper 8" is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?", click [Open].

  7. You will now see the Servant Keeper Launcher. Choose "Membership Manager", "Contribution Manager", or "Administration Manager" to open the program.

  8. You will see a window telling you how many days are remaining on the Servant Keeper 8 demo and asking if you would like to register Servant Keeper. On this window, there are three options:

    • [Buy Now]: Choose this option at any time if you have not yet purchased Servant Keeper 8 and wish to do so. This option will launch the online store where you can purchase the Servant Keeper 8 program.

    • [Activate License]: Choose this option if you have purchased Servant Keeper 8 and wish to register the program. Registering the program will stop the 30 day demo countdown.

    • [Continue Demo]: Choose this option if you wish to use Servant Keeper 8 as a 30 day demo. This option will allow you to use the fully functional program for 30 days. At the end of the demo period, you would need to register and activate Servant Keeper 8 in order to continue using the program. If you are using the 30 day demo, skip to step 10 of this help sheet.

  9. If you chose the [Activate License] option on the previous window, you will see the Register and Activate Servant Keeper window. Paste (or type) your Servant Keeper 8 Product Code on the "Product Code" line. After pasting in your Product Code, the Customer ID, Organization Name, and Email fields may auto-fill with your organization's information. If these boxes do not auto-fill, type the correct information in the boxes provided. On the "Name this installation" line, enter a name to identify the license code used on this computer. Click [Register and Activate] to complete your registration.

  10. You will now see the Login window for the module of Servant Keeper you selected. If you are the first person logging in to your SK8 database: enter your email address on the "Email/User ID" line, then enter the password you wish to use for SK8 on the "Password" line. Press the <Enter> key on your keyboard or click [OK] to continue.

  11. The New User Information window will appear. On the "Name" line, enter a name for this user (this can be your name or job title). The "Name" is only used to identify the user you create, it is never used to log in. On the "Email" line, enter your email address--this is what you will use to log in.

  12. On the "Password" and "Confirm Password" lines, enter the password you wish you use when logging in to the program. Passwords for Servant Keeper 8 ARE case-sensitive, must be at least 6 characters in length, and contain at least 1 number. You will know your password meets the minimum requirements when the red bar below each password field turns green and says "strong" (or "very strong"). Click [Save] to save the New User Information and add your new user.

    NOTE: You can click the "eye" symbol () next to the "Password" and "Confirm Password" field to see what is typed in each line. This feature can be especially helpful when checking to ensure the passwords on both lines match.

  13. A pop-up window will appear stating the new user was created successfully. Click [OK] to continue.

  14. You will be taken back to the Login window. Enter the email address and password you created in the previous steps to log in to the program.

  15. Your Servant Keeper 8 program is now installed and ready to use!

Note for Administrators: Additional users can be added at any time through the [User Security] area of the Administration Manager.